Swissmaildrop is the first and oldest mail-forwarding company in Switzerland operating since 1997.

If you would like to keep your personal or company mail confidential and protected from any kind of curious people,
or if you travel a lot or moved abroad but would like to have a safe address in Switzerland to get your mail,
you have found the right company for your needs.

The address we provide is a real postal address in Switzerland, not P.O.B. or c/o.
The incoming mail will be forwarded in a discreet way by airmail (or, upon request, by courier mail)
to the address you provide or to any post office in Switzerland as Poste Restante, if you wish to pick it up
personally during your visit to Switzerland.
We can also scan your mail (the envelope or the contents) and send it to the email address provided.

The prices for our services depend on the type of Maildrop. To make your choice, click “Maildrop Services”.

To our customers we also provide re-mailing services (sending out mail on your behalf) and Swiss mobile
phone cards. For detailed information about these services, click the corresponding section.

To become our customer, you do not need to sign a contract – the services are performed as long as they are paid for
and the correct information is provided to us (the name(s) in which the mail will be received, the forwarding address
and your email address). In special cases we can ask for a copy of your ID.
There is only one requirement: you must agree to our Disclaimer:

Be aware in advance that we do not cover any illegal activities!
(NO scam! NO spam! NO unlawful, illegal or promiscuous mail!)

Customers who respect our business policy can have our 100% guarantee for Confidentiality,
Privacy and Reliability!